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"I am a Brisbane based artist and printmaker. My background is in photography, printing and the graphic arts. I have always had an interest in the processes of making multiple copies of original material especially in the realm of fine art. Long ago I was drawn to Japanese woodblock printing as a primitive but beautiful means of reproducing an artwork.

Screen printer, David Burrows, in his art studio, holding a screen printing machine, next to screen prints on a drying rack

In my screen printing work I emulate the practice and appearance of the Japanese print with regard to subject choice, composition and the use of a black key block to unify the design.

I create and draw onto a surface computer adding texture and tonality in the process. This process would best be described as half human half machine. The stylus becomes the pencil, the screen becomes the canvas. 

Applying modern photo stencil techniques and Photoshop to output registered film positives my images are created in an exacting work flow which attempts to merge the technical advantages and challenges of silk screen printing with the unique Japanese aesthetic. The printing process allows for critical registration across any number of individual colours and tonal variations as well as the use of the screen printing version of bokashi where ink blends of different tonal and colour values create gradients in the final screen print.

There is nothing remotely digital about my printing process. There are no CMYK parameters, no printing machines, no speed considerations. Every print is made by hand, colour by colour, screen by screen, sheet by sheet." - David Burrows.

A closer explanation of the process is offered in the Studio Process.

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